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IPS continuously strives to deliver excellent service and a superior product to customers and that is
why we at IPS have done extensive research in our core product; Insulated Panels.

Our customers demand a high quality end product that can perform two vital criteria's: functionality
and sustainability.

We therefore had a closer look at the finish of our product and have identified a new area for

The Steel Surfaces of our panels

The industry norm is to manufacture insulated panels with galvanized sheeting that is pre painted.
Galvanized sheeting used in factories and processing areas are susceptible to rust, thereby
decreasing the hygienic rating of the facility and of course the life of the panel. i.e. the overall

That is why IPS has introduced the Colorlume steel to all ranges of Insulated Panels manufactured by

Colorlume combines characteristics of aluminium coated steel and galvanized steel. It consists of
aluminium (55% in weight ratio but 80% in surface volume ratio), zinc (43.4% in weight), and silicone
(1.6% in weight ratio) so it has both aluminium unique corrosion resistance and heat resistance.